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Osha & HIPAA Training For Dental Offices Online

As the leading provider of OSHA and HIPAA training and regulations material in the United States, Gamma Compliance Solutions is here to help. We offer exclusive training packages for healthcare, dental, and veterinary practices.

And if you’re in the dental industry specifically, you’re in luck: We offer HIPAA Training for Dental Offices Online. This course will cover topics such as privacy rules, security rules, protected health information, electronically protected health information, breach notification rules, and much more. Developed by experts with over 20 years of experience, these courses will provide valuable information.

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Course Topics

  • Introduction to HIPAA, the HITECH Act, and Omnibus Rule
  • Covered entities and business associates
  • Protected health information and electronically protected health information
  • Privacy rule
  • Security rule
  • Patient Rights
  • Security rule safeguards
  • Breach notification rule
  • HIPAA enforcement activities
  • Administrative simplification rule


  • Includes 1 Dental Continuing Education Credit. AGD Subject Code: 566
  • Developed by HIPAA experts and consultants with more than 20 years of experience.
  • Meets the HIPAA training requirement for healthcare providers including medical and dental professionals
  • Interactive audio-visual content for a more vibrant learning experience.
    Built-in quizzes at the end of each chapter or topic.
  • Certificate issued automatically on completion of the course.
  • For organizations, set up your free group “manager” role with access to group progress, reports, and certificates.
  • Excellent for healthcare and dental healthcare professionals, students, and other workers that may have access to patient information

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the technical requirements for the training?

Our training can be viewed on any device – Mac, PC, tablet, and/or mobile with any internet browser and an active internet connection.

How often should HIPAA training be required?

There is no certain validity period for HIPAA training as per the law. The Security Rule specifies that organizations should conduct training periodically. So, it is a best practice to provide HIPAA refresher training annually.

What is OSHA compliance with HIPAA?

The difference between HIPAA and OSHA is that – in healthcare environment – HIPAA protects the privacy of individually identifiable health information, while OSHA protects the safety and health of the workforce, patients, and visitors

hipaa training requirements for dental offices

There is no certain validity period for HIPAA training as per the law. The Security Rule specifies that organizations should conduct training periodically. So, it is a best practice to provide HIPAA refresher training annually.

How do I get my certificate?

On completion of the course, your certificate will automatically be available in your training account.

How long is the training?

On average, our users complete the course in about 60 minutes.

How do I sign up?

You can self-register for training from your Account Dashboard. See this help article for details.

Course objectives
  1. Explain the purpose of HIPAA and the different rules/acts involved
  2. Identify how HIPAA applies to you and the business partners you may work with
  3. Identify protected health information (PHI), what is not PHI, and information that may be excluded from PHI
  4. Illustrate how PHI can be used and disclosed and patient rights with regard to their information
  5. Evaluate your HIPAA program, learn the different HIPAA safeguards, and how to implement them
  6. Learn what constitutes a HIPAA breach and what to do in the event of a HIPAA breach
  7. Discuss HIPAA enforcement, who the governing agency is, the investigation process, and civil/criminal penalties with case examples
  8. Deploying the administrative simplification rules for electronic information exchange
business associate under hipaa

Our Dental HIPAA Training Covers

Since dental clinics handle Protected Health Information (PHI), dental offices need to understand, practice, and hold everyone accountable for HIPAA. Our HIPAA Training for dental offices employees is designed to help you and your employees the following topics:

  • HIPAA Policies and Procedures
  • HIPAA Patient Rights
  • HIPAA Cybersecurity
  • HIPAA Compliance and Enforcement
  • HIPAA Breach Notification

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