HIPAAmart is a one-stop shop for your compliance requirements. We make it easy for you.

The HIPAAmart Portal includes

  • Comprehensive HIPAA Security Risk Assessment
  • Employee Training and Tracking
  • Train all members of workforce on the policies and procedures
  • Live Risk Assessment Review
  • Detailed List of What Needs to Be Addressed
  • All of your Security Policies and Procedures
  • Sample Business Associate Agreement
  • Business Associate Tracking
  • Risk Assessment Tracking

Employee Training

HIPAAmart’s Portal includes a complete, memorable and easy to use online training video to ensure your employees meet HIPAA training requirements. The Training process also includes:

A Presentation And A Quiz

Terms And Core Concepts

Best Practices

Employee Training Acknowledgement

Obligation to Monitor

It’s not enough to be in compliance: HIPAA requires that you monitor your ongoing compliance. The U.S. government has a helpful website that provides useful information about Health Information Privacy for individuals and professionals.

Office of Civil Rights (OCR) Investigations

HIPAAmart’s Policies and Procedures and Security Assessments

We created HIPAAmart’s policies, procedures and security assessments to help medical and related providers stay in compliance with HIPAA regulations, and to document that compliance if they are audited.

Under HIPAA,The government takes HIPAA compliance very seriously, if your office violates the Privacy Rule or Security Rule you can be subject to financial penalties. But HIPAAmart’s policies, procedures and security assessments and the accompanying documentation will be persuasive to OCR investigators.

The HHS OCR has ten regional offices. Reportedly, most investigations are complaint driven, with patients or unhappy employees filing reports online with the OCR. After reviewing the complaint, if the regional office determines that the complaint withstands basic scrutiny, it will assign an investigator to contact the parties involved in order to obtain more information and further investigate the complaint.

As a HIPAAmart client, the first thing you’ll do is give the investigator your documentation showing the HIPAA policies, procedures and risk assessment your office follows. You’ll be able to display recent activity and updates. Seeing an up-to-date HIPAA process will significantly change the tone of the inquiry.

The HIPAAmart process allows the medical practice to easily present these procedures in an organized fashion to the investigator.

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HIPAAmart will help you comply with HIPAA requirements and document your procedures in the event of a HIPAA audit. It is easy to use for your professionals and staff.