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Cost is $10 per user per month for the HIPAAmart Compliance System, with unlimited telephone support at no charge. Can be cancelled at any time without any fee or penalty.

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Continuing in-office HIPAA compliance training for new and existing healthcare workers
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Comprehensive HIPAA Compliance Tools

HIPAAmart provides a comprehensive in-office system for your practice.  You’ll get:

  • HIPAA risk reduction strategies – to avoid any breaches of patient privacy
  • Training – a HIPAA training video and quiz available to your healthcare workers at times convenient to you and to them
  • HIPAA risk assessment – so you can be sure your practice will pass an OCR audit with flying colors
What’s in the Portal?

The HIPAAmart portal contains what your practice needs for HIPAA privacy policy compliance:

  • An online HIPAA training video your dental and medical office staff can take at their own speed, that includes HIPAA privacy and security best practices, HIPAA terms and core concepts, and a quiz. Learning these helps your healthcare workers readily follow HIPAA security standards, compliance regulations and procedures.
  • Sample HIPAA compliance policies to easily incorporate into your internal HIPAA policy manual.
  • A documented record of your practice’s HIPAA privacy rule and HIPAAA security rule compliance, including HIPAA policies, procedures, reporting, training materials and templates.
  • A sample HIPAA Business Associate Agreement Model Contract. To be completed by all contractors working with you, this document identifies what you are committing to.
  • A HIPAA Risk Assessment tool you can use annually or more frequently to assure your practice complies with HIPAA privacy and security regulations on all levels.
What’s in the HIPAA Compliance and HIPAA Security Training Video:

The training video provides clear definitions of the following essential elements of HIPAA compliance:

  • HIPAA Protected Health Information (PHI)
  • HIPAA Privacy Rule
  • HIPAA Security Rule
  • Practical ways to protect PHI every day
  • Your healthcare workers’ responsibility
  • HIPAA breach identification—what to do
The HIPAA Security Best Practices

All or the following (and more!) are included in the HIPAAmart portal:

  • HIPAA Risk Analysis to document where Protected Health Information is used and stored in your practice, and possible ways HIPAA could be violated
  • HIPAA Risk Management measures
  • HIPAA compliance training and testing for healthcare workers
  • Sanction policies for non-compliant staff
  • HIPAA Compliance Security and Privacy Officers
  • HIPAA employee oversight policies and procedures
  • Patient information protection
  • HIPAA security checks and incident response training
  • HIPAA security evaluations
HIPAA Safe Harbor
  • Before January 5, 2021, HIPAA penalties for non-compliance totaled over $20 million per year
  • On that date Congress passed the HIPAA Safe Harbor Act protecting covered practices from penalties if they have adopted Best Practices for twelve months prior to the violation
  • HIPAAmart provides Best Practices for your office: Training, Risk Assessment, Business Associate Agreements, Policies, Procedures and more to protect your practice in the event of an inadvertent violation
  • Following HIPAAmart’s Best Practices for twelve months will help your office achieve Safe Harbor in the event of an OCR audit

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