HIPAAmart Fact Sheet

Problem: Being non-compliant with HIPAA regulations can be risky for small medical and dental practices, but the cost of compliance can be expensive.

HIPAAmart Fact Sheet


    The Hipaamart Portal was developed to enable small to medium-sized medical and dental practices to comply with HIPAA regulations at an affordable cost.

    1. HIPAA Safe Harbor Act of 2021: requires that recognized security practices be in place for the 12 months prior to a HIPAA violation to minimize penalties. Those Best Practices include (1) annual training for all employees, (2) annual risk assessment, and (3) cybersecurity.

    2. Hipaamart Portal: provides training and risk assessment and other valuable information about the HIPAA regulations.  (Cybersecurity should be provided locally at the medical office.)  The objective of Hipaamart is to allow easy-to-use online HIPAA compliance without having to engage an individual advisor.

    The HIPAAmart Portal Includes:

    • A Training Video.
    • A Training Quiz.
    • A Training Acknowledgement.
    • A 114-question Risk Assessment Questionnaire with a detailed Definition and Impact Statement associated with each question.
    • A Risk Assessment Acknowledgement.
    • 57 comprehensive and documented Policies and Procedures summarized from the detailed HIPAA regulations.
    • 25 HIPAA documents including a Business Associate Agreement and Patient Disclosure Authorization Form.
    • A record for each User with documentation of compliance with the training requirement included in each User’s record.
    HIPAA Fact Sheet